Sweet Ride!

By Joel Charron

When Clidd Boucher returns home from vacation he is going to be a little surprised.

“Paulie Award” winner: 1941 yellow Willy.

Boucher’s 1941 yellow Willy was awarded “The Paulie Award” as the best car in show at the Amherstburg Gone Car Crazy Show held this past Sunday.

While on vacation, Boucher’s neighbour Jim Patrick entered the car show to show off the yellow hot rod.

“He asked me to take it to the show,” said Patrick. “He moved here from Ottawa last year and when I told him about this show he said that I should bring it here while he was away.”

Patrick said there was no doubt that Boucher would be thrilled to learn his 1941 Willie took home the top prize.

“It’s rewarding to know that everyone appreciates something that you put in all your hard work into. It’s really enjoyable,” said Patrick.

The Amherstburg Gone Car Crazy Car Show saw its largest entry of cars to date at just over 500.

All types of car owners from the weekend warrior to the owner who only takes their car out for such events, displayed their four-wheeled masterpieces to the public.

The show featured all types of cars such as a ’67 Ford Mustang, ’47 Chrysler Windsor Coupe and a ’32 Ford Three Window Coupe.

Along with Dalhousie St., Richmond St. and Toddy Jones Park being used as a giant showroom, organizer Eleanor Renaud said they also had to utilize Rankin St. because they couldn’t fit in all the cars in the space they had.

“Because we had so many more cars than  last year, we needed to find more avenues to park on,” Renuad explained. “Being able to park on Rankin St. was a big bonus. It’s such a beautiful shaded street that was really nice we were able to use that street.”

Renuad said one of the reasons why Amherstburg Gone Car Crazy Show attracts so many people is because for most attendees “it’s like turning back the clock.”

“Most of us are in the yuppie stage and it’s just bringing back those great memories,” she said.

Bill Bennett, a 66-year-old Belle River resident agreed.

“It’s like walking down memory lane,” he said as he stopped by a 67 Camero. “I used to have a ’67 Camero back in the day and boy let me tell you, I had all sorts of fun with that car.”

Bennett said he and his wife Betty used to drive around all weekend in his 67 Camero and seeing that today in the show brought back some great memories.

“We even had our first kiss sitting in that car,” said Bennett.

As the day wrapped up, MP Jeff Watson, who dressed in character as a 1950’s greaser, presented the “Paulie Award” for Best Car in Show. The award is named after the late Paul Renaud who passes away from cancer. Paul was an important cog in starting the Gone Crazy Car show.

“Your passion, attention to great detail and your beautiful vehicles that you have maintained, restored and brought to this town, not only remind us of a great time passed but they are fueling dreams for a new generation about the wonder of the automobile,” said Watson.

Renaud also thanked the over 70 volunteers who helped.

“They work like clockwork. They all have their departments and they do it well,” he said.

Sunday afternoon Renaud said she heard a rumor floating around the show.

“Rumor has it, and it’s not me saying it, that we are the best car show in Southwestern Ontario,” she boasted.

3 responses to “Sweet Ride!”

  1. Rusty says:

    Eleanor, volunteers:
    You have indeed upset the hour glass with a
    first class auto show.My congrats and thanks.

  2. Rusty Brown says:

    My congrats to Eleanor and all the volunteerss who sucessfully upset the hour glass. First class auto show. Amherstburg is definatley “Car Crazy”.

  3. Jo says:

    Congrats little brother! No. 4 checking in!