Business as usual for Pizzeremo

By Joel Charron

Orlando Nalli shows off a pizza right out of the oven as pizza chef Don D'Alessandro (background) prepares to cook another

Who better to run a pizzeria than someone who has a passion for pizza?

That’s what Orlando Nalli, 37, owner of Pizzeremo thinks.

For three years Nalli has been tickling the taste bud and wowing customers at Pizzeremo located inside the Verdi Club Lounge with his brick oven pizza.

Before Nalli turned pizza chef, like many people in this region he loves pizza. He was a frequent visitor of Remo Tortola’s pizzeria at the Caboto Club.

“We were there every week, once sometimes twice a week,” said Nalli. “It was great pizza.”

Over time Nalli and Tortola formed a friendship, which eventually blossomed into a business partnership when an opportunity arose for a pizzeria to open at the Verdi Club.

“We always said if something came up in the future, Remo and myself would open up something and along came the opportunity,” explained Nalli.

Tortola took Nalli under his wing and taught him the way of making the perfect brick oven pizza.

Three years later, Tortola is no longer partners, however the two still talk frequently.

“We’re still good friends,” he said. “He helped me set up. The Caboto Club pizzeria is his thing.”

For the first two years, Nalli’s pizzeria had no name; it just did what it was suppose to do, make pizzas. It wasn’t until Jan. 2010 when Nalli started his company Pizzeremo.

Nalli said since firing up the pizza oven three years ago, business has been good.

‘The community is awesome,” he said. “We have a lot repeat customers and the Verdi Club has a great membership base.”

Nalli said over the last few months he has seen a lot of new faces trying his style of brick oven pizza.

According to Nalli there is no “secret” in making thin crust, brick oven pizza. The 37-year-old uses fresh dough made daily by his mother-in-law, Rita Moneglia.

“Who better to help make this business work than a nice Italian lady helping out in the kitchen,” said Nalli.

Pizzeremo uses only fresh toppings, as Nalli says the pizzeria buys their toppings as needed. Even the sauce is homemade.

Pizzeremo offer 30 different types of pizza and will custom make pizza to the customers liking.

What is different about Pizzeremo , aside from the fact that he is the only place that offers brick oven pizza, it is passion he says.

“I have a passion for this,” said Nalli. “I’m a huge fan of pizza and I love interacting with the public.”

Often times Nalli can be seen running the floor, talking and joking with his customers during business hours.

Pizzeremo is open Wednesday to Saturday, doors open at 5 p.m. and closing time, according to Nalli, is whenever business slows down.

“I don’t put a closing time because every night is so different,” he explained.

There are specials every night Pizzeremo is open, including 2-for-1 night on Thursday nights.

It is located at 689 Texas Road inside the Verdi Club Lounge. Call to pre-order or pick up at 519-736-4382.

3 responses to “Business as usual for Pizzeremo”

  1. Paul Mersch says:

    it is great pizza, I’m there a couple times a month! And different varieties that you would not normally think of.

  2. Brendon White says:

    You’ve gotta try this pizza! It’s great!

  3. RV says:

    The pizza is really, really good and the pizza “guy” really, really cute…try the nutella pizza… RV