‘Woodcarvers Ball’ opens at Mudpuppy Gallery


By Joel Charron

The Mudpuppy Gallery’s latest exhibit showcases the talents of local woodcarvers and sculptors.

“The Woodcarver’s Ball” will be on display through March 4 and features a number of “breathtaking” pieces with more coming in this week, said Mudpuppy Gallery co-owner Robert Honor.

Honor said he was very pleased with the number of submissions the gallery received for the Woodcarvers Ball.

“This is a really excellent showing,” said Honor. “We were hoping for this many submissions but we weren’t expecting it. This more than met our expectations.”

Honor mentioned there is the Woodcarver’s Museum in Windsor but wondered how many opportunities there are for woodcarvers to showcase their work.

“Woodcarvers are very passionate about what they do and I’m not sure if they have an opportunity to display their work as much as other artist,” he said. “We are glad to provide a venue to show off some of these outstanding pieces.”


Fred Zavadil’s “Flamenco Dancer” is on display at the Mudpuppy Gallery until March 4.

He also pointed out that the Woodcarvers Ball features a lot of variety and different subject matters from local artists. Honor mentioned they even received a submission from an artist from Highgate, which is outside of London.

The show is being dedicated to Tom Moore, who was a local woodcarver and community volunteer who died suddenly Feb. 7. Moore also volunteered at the Mudpuppy Gallery and some of his work is part of “The Woodcarver’s Ball” exhibit.

On display is a piece entitled “Flamenco Dancer” by Fred Zavadil. Zavadil said a woman dancing in Toronto, 15 years ago, inspired the piece.

Zavadil said he works with a clay mold of a subject before transitioning his idea to wood.

“I’m afraid to make a mistake in wood,” said Zavadil. “You can fix clay.”

Zavadil loves carvingwood because it is a “beautiful material” and a “pleasure to touch.”

Dick Preney also has some of his work in the show. He said he works differently from Zavadil, saying he scratches out some free form art then carves his pieces in the direction the wood “pulls” him. He works with the characteristics of the wood and his finished work is often in the same shape of the original piece he found.

The next exhibit the Mudpuppy Gallery is presenting will be the Spring Photo Show. Photographers of all ages are invited to submit ready-to-hang photos by March 4 for the March 7-April 1 show. There is a $10 per submission entry fee.

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