‘Verdi Fest’ offers good old family fun

By Joel Charron

The Verdi Club Community Festival may not have been has flashy as years past but that didn’t stop people from enjoy themselves.

The “Verdi Fest” which usually runs for the entire weekend was limited to Friday and Sunday because of a wedding which was booked on Saturday,

A classic car show, organized by Vince Muoio kicked off the festivities Friday night and was followed by Sunday’s “Family Day” which had a number of activities for children.  The Day also included food sales and a bocce tournament, which featured players from the surrounding Italian clubs in the area and as far as London.

Tino Riccio rolls the ball down the lane during a bocce ball match.

“It’s a good family time,” said Verdi Club president Eric Conte.

Conte said that Verdi Fest is also an opportunity to honour the Virgin Mary.

On Sunday morning Father Brian Jane conducted a mass in the club’s banquet hall, after which a small procession occurred around the Verdi Club with a statue of the Virgin Mary was carried.

A bake sale and a buffet included pasta, shishkebobs and porchetta.

Sunday’s events featured a magic show, Zoo 2 You and clowns inside with the band One Man Out performing under the canopy outside.

Although Conte said the festival is also a way from the Italian community to celebrate their Italian heritage, the Verdi Fest is meant for everyone in the community.

“We open our door to everyone,” said Conte.

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