Texas Road residents want action

By Karen Fallon

Over the past few years there have been several delegations who have addressed council regarding the realization of sidewalks and road repair on Texas Road council.

Now it’s time for action agreed council.

Texas Road resident for 31 years, Joanne DiPierdomenico, who went to the council meeting armed with a petition, says when her children were young she was led to believe that sidewalks were going to be installed along this street.

At that time, which was pre-amalgamation, she says, her home was in Anderton Twp.

“When my father-in-law built one of the first new homes on this road in the early 60s, the road was unpaved and the traffic was minimal,” said DiPierdomenico. “Now the street is lined with houses and traffic has grown accordingly.”

The addition of the Kingsbridge subdivision has also impacted Texas Road which is also being used as an access road.

In 2002, in response to an earlier delegation by Dan DiPierdomenico, Lou Zarlenga, director of engineering and infrastructure, was noted as saying that it would not be feasible to install sidewalks on Texas Road as it also required sewers, paving and sidewalks.

At that time Zarlenga also indicated that the town would be working towards an entire renovation of the area in the future.

In 2009, following a tour of town roads, Zarlenga, was said to have indicated that Texas Road had poor surface distortion, narrow road shoulders as well as accommodating heavy pedestrian traffic.

DiPierdomenico said she realizes that much of the work done by the town over the past couple of years was as a result of “special grants”

However, she said: “I don’t feel that proper maintenance of roads and the safety of our citizens should be reliant upon the receipt of grants.”

She pointed out that, 1.8 kilometers of Amherstburg’s 2nd Concession/Thomas Rd was recently paved and a bike path included on a street that has on it two households. While Texas Rd. from the 2nd Concession to Front Road is just over 2 km. in length and has approximately 170 homes on it.

“We have just as much right to roads that meet urban standard as any other tax payer in this town,” said DiPierdomenico. It’s been 31 years, and I’m still waiting for sidewalks and a decent road.”

I think you are bang on with your comments,” said councillor John Sutton. “This is certainly an issue, that while we didn’t create it we have to deal with it in one way shape or form.”

Sutton says he recently addressed this issue with MP-Essex Jeff Watson and although such a project didn’t fit under the Build Canada Fund they are both hopeful that when that fund is replaced in the future that those monies will be there.

Also when the “election dust settles” the town will be able to see if there is any provincial grant funding available, he added.

Although, says Sutton, in reality there may not be any such funding so council has to look to the 2012 budget for funding improvements to Texas Road.

Councillor Bart DiPasquale’s motion to send the issue to the 2012 budget deliberations was passed by council.

“We need to move this long awaited project forward,” said DiPasquale.

“It is going to take a commitment from council,” said councillor Robert Pillon. “If you want to do it council will have to bite the bullet…I guarantee you it will be discussed this year.”

Mayor Wayne Hurst agreed: “We have an obligation as councillors in this particular jurisdiction, that’s our responsibility.

“Every year since amalgamation it has been put off and let’s not hide behind administration because in the 2011 budget a recommendation was put forward to address Texas Road and this council voted it down,” said Hurst. “So now let’s see what you are prepared to do at our next budget.”

One response to “Texas Road residents want action”

  1. Christian Szwed says:

    I am a seven year resident of Texas rd and still waiting for sidewalks. I have three young children and I fear the heavy flow of traffic since the new subdivision. I do not feel comfortable letting my children ride bikes or even go for a walk due to the high rate of speed most people like to travel. I have had the amherstburg police set up in my driveway on three separate occasions for radar. Radar was my idea. We need sidewalks soon before someone gets hurt. Christian Szwed 76 Texas rd