Terms of reference clarified for advisory committee applicants

By Karen Fallon

Council agreed that the Terms of Reference language for all advisory committees of council should be consistent with that contained in the advisory committee application document.

The current language of all ‘advisory committee of council – terms of reference’ states “currently resides in the Town of Amherstburg,” whereas the new language will read: “You must be a resident, owner or tenant of land in the Town of Amherstburg”.

In response to councillor Bart DiPasquale’s query as to how the town advertised for submissions from people looking to sit on the town’s parks and recreation committees, Brenda Percy, manager, council & legislative services says she believes it read that the applicant had to be either a resident or land owner.

“In the application for the advertisement it states that you must be a resident of Amherstburg,” said councillor Diane Pouget, who notes there was a discrepancy in the wording.

Although a land owner in the town, one of the volunteers who applied to both the parks and recreation committees, does not reside in the municipality, noted Pouget.

“I do think we have to be fair and the person that has offered to sit on these committees should be welcome to do so,” she added.

Percy says what had earlier been presented to council was the terms of reference. However, what went in the paper and on the website, she noted, read that an applicant had to be either a resident or landowner.

It has always been the intention of the council-of-the-day to honor the spirit of those who can vote in this municipality and those who own property here are entitled to equal representation,” said CAO Pam Malott. “Anyone who wishes to serve on one of these committees simply needs to be eligible to vote in the municipality by owning property here.”

As there have been a number of resident who have recently come forward to sit on various committees, says Malott, a report will be coming before council at their next session to see if they want to re-open the application process.

“To be fair and consistent we should do it for all of the vacancies and we should post it for those,” said Malott.

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