Councillor explains vote over St. Bernard School debate



By Ron Giofu


A town councillor is explaining her vote as it pertains to the issue of purchasing the former St. Bernard School.

After the in-camera portion during the April 23 town council meeting, council approved a motion to buy the former school building from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board for $550,000.

Councillor Diane Pouget opposed the motion, but it was the second part of the motion that she disagreed with. Pouget said she supports the purchase of the school, and states she wants to see a “seniors hub” developed there.

The former St. Bernard School.

Pouget also introduced a separate motion last November to pursue grant funding for a Master Aging Plan.

“I fully support the acquisition of the former St. Bernard’s School as a seniors hub,” Pouget said. “In fact, I was the councillor who initiated the motion to apply for a grant for a Seniors’ Master Plan. However, I am adamantly opposed to the remainder of the (April 23) motion, that is to ‘authorize administration to move forward with the proposed plans as identified in the confidential report.’”

Pouget said she could not elaborate further but noted she is “very concerned” about the second part of the April 23 motion.

“Unfortunately, because it was one motion, I felt compelled to vote against it,” she said. “Further to that, I am not allowed to explain my position, because it was in-camera.”

Belle Vue in running to win $40K in “This Place Matters” contest


Special to the RTT

Belle Vue is in the running to win $40,000 in “This Place Matters” Competition

The competition is heating up!

“To everyone who has shown support for Belle Vue, the 200 year old National Historic Site in Amherstburg, now is the time to step up and Vote! Vote! Vote!” urges Linda Jackson, Chair of corporate outreach for the Belle Vue Conservancy.

Here are the Conservancy’s most recent standings:

Second place in the generic vote section, these are the votes minus the number of dollars donated. They can win $10,000 for the most generic votes.

Second place in the Central Region for total votes. Should they win in this category they will add $30,000 to their coffers to help restore Belle Vue.

Belle Vue, circa 1984

Belle Vue, circa 1984

This is how you can help:

Both generic votes and donations drive this contest.

Simply register your e-mail address at and vote every 24 hours for ‘Belle Vue House – A clear view for the future’. Once registered, add any additional emails you have and vote every 24 hours using multiple emails.

Ask others to register and vote. Voting is free. With every vote watch the count rise!

Share on Facebook and any social sites you have encouraging others to vote. Link is

You can also boost the count by donating. For each dollar that you donate you will purchase one vote for Belle Vue. $1 = 1 vote. Tax donation receipts are issued automatically and sent to your email. All monies raised from donations are returned to Belle Vue at the end of the competition less a National Trust administration fee.

Belle Vue, modern day

Belle Vue, modern day

This is the last week of competition. The contest ends July 17 at 12 noon.

“This is a prestigious nation-wide competition put on by The National Trust for Canada. It involves 25 vetted participants all across Canada.” says Jackson. “Let’s show our pride in Windsor and Essex County by providing support for our National Historic Treasure, Belle Vue.”

For additional information regarding Belle Vue please visit the Conservancy at


Campaign to fund health care system comes to Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


A province-wide campaign to stop cuts at Ontario hospitals has made its way to Amherstburg.

The Ontario Health Coalition’s referendum to stop cuts to hospitals and to restore funding for beds and services has come to this area thanks to the Essex County Health Coalition. The referendum will result in a polling station being at Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 May 28 with people being able to vote in an advanced poll currently located at the Amherstburg Family Health Team (AFHT).

Kim DeYong, chair of the Essex County Health Coalition, said the referendum is to “stop the cuts to our hospitals that are entering their ninth year of real dollar cuts.”

DeYong added the idea is to gather as many “yes” votes as they can and bring them to Queen’s Park. The question asks whether people vote “yes” or “no” to whether the Ontario government should restore services and funding for health care.

“We’re asking for them to at least bring us up to average,” said DeYong, who added health care funding in Ontario is funded less than it is in other provinces.

Since there are no actual voting lists, those who participate in the referendum are asked to sign a list verifying they are of voting age before casting a ballot. DeYong said other businesses and organizations are welcome to host a poll this Saturday.

Kim DeYong shows the ballot box and materials that is currently at the Amherstburg Family Health Team (AFHT). The Ontario Health Coalition’s referendum to stop cuts to the health care system has an advance poll at the AFHT with a polling place to be set up at Legion Br. 157 this Saturday.

Kim DeYong shows the ballot box and materials that is currently at the Amherstburg Family Health Team (AFHT). The Ontario Health Coalition’s referendum to stop cuts to the health care system has an advance poll at the AFHT with a polling place to be set up at Legion Br. 157 this Saturday.

“We’re asking for the community to help out,” she said. “People can host a ballot box at their work for a workplace vote, they can pass out leaflets, they can volunteer for a couple of hours on May 28, but most of all, they can come out and vote!”

According to material put out by the Ontario Health Coalition, Ontario ranks second last in Canada for public hospital funding and has the fewest hospital beds of any province in Canada “by far” and “the most dangerously overcrowded hospitals.” The material also states Ontario has “far less nursing care per patient than any province in Canada and the highest hospital readmissions, and the gap is growing wider.”

The Essex County Health Coalition is a chapter of the Ontario Health Coalition and was formed during the Leamington Save OB campaign. For more information on the volunteer-led province-wide referendum or to host a polling station, contact DeYong at 519-817-6328.