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Amherstburg native starts teaching career at St. Peter’s ACHS College School



By Ron Giofu


St. Peter’s ACHS College School is growing slowly but surely and that allowed an Amherstburg native to get a start on her teaching career.

Ashley Parent, a General Amherst High School and Madonna University graduate, said she met with headmaster/principal Peter Thyrring about working at St. Peter’s and Thyrring accepted. Parent said the combination of athletics and academics appealed to her.

“It’s important to juggle both,” said Parent, who went to Madonna University on a soccer scholarship.

Parent teaches daily at St. Peter’s ACHS before she heads to New Zealand Jan. 13 to further her education. She is open to returning to St. Peter’s when she returns in about a year.

“I want to come back to the area,” she said.

Amherstburg native Ashley Parent, pictured with the students of St. Peter’s ACHS College School, began her career at the private boys school.

Stating that the student-to-teacher ratio at St. Peter’s is “incredible,” Parent said she enjoys working with the 14 boys that attend the private school on County Road 20.

“You can’t get that anywhere else,” she said. “It’s helped them so much.”

Incorporating sports into their daily routine also helps, Parent believes, as it leads to improved grades.

Parent said her mother informed her about the school and she started researching it before she applied. Having sports and academics as important pillars appealed to her.

“It sparked my interest immediately,” she said.

Thyrring liked her enthusiasm and she joined the small, three-teacher faculty.

“They come here ready to work,” Parent said of the students. “They know nothing in life comes easy. The education these boys are going to get is going to be as good as anything they could have imagined.”

Essex MP visits St. Peter’s ACHS College School

By Jolene Perron


Essex MP Tracey Ramsey paid a visit to St. Peter’s ACHS last week, where she sat with the boys for lunch, and answered their questions.

Students and staff from St. Peter’s ACHS gathered for a group photo at the end of Essex MP Tracey Ramsey’s visit last week

“It’s good for the kids to know this is who we in the area voted into power,” explained headmaster Peter Thyrring. “They should know her and know what she is about. It’s a very cool and important opportunity.”

Thyrring explained they reached out to have Ramsey at the school last spring, and it was decided that she would come out to see them in the fall. Ramsey said the school was the recipient of their Canada’s Summer Jobs funding, where the local government provides funding for summer students across their riding.

Essex MP Tracey Ramsey is greeted outside of St. Peter’s ACHS last week where she sat to have lunch and answer questions from students.

“It’s just about knowing what the students are interested in,” said Ramsey. “I like hearing that they are playing sports with teams up past Toronto, that they are engaged in their studies and really getting to learn what they are focused on here.”

The students asked questions about Ramsey, how she obtained her position in government, about the time she spends on Parliament Hill, and about how the Canadian government interacts with the United States government.

Essex MP Tracey Ramsey answered questions from students at St. Peter’s ACHS last week.

“She represents government, she represents us, and it’s a good learning tool. How often do kids get to meet with members of parliament? The kids need to know they have a voice too and maybe one day they will be members of parliament,” said Thyrring. “We are a unique school to the area, we are the only boys school, we are the only type of private school like this so it’s good for her to know too, It’s good for her to know what’s going on in her backyard.”

Three former St. Peter’s ACHS students sign Jr. A contracts

Special to the RTT

This was another banner month for St. Peter’s ACHS College School as three more former students landed Jr. “A” hockey contracts. Nicholas Aromatario (Toronto Patriots), Myles Cook (Elliot Lake Wild Cats) and Christian Monachino (Aurora Tigers) are looking forward to playing this upcoming hockey season.

“Our school family could not be happier and proud of their accomplishments” said Peter Thyrring headmaster at St. Peter’s ACHS. The hockey success rate for the small school here in Amherstburg continues to grow. Other former ACHS alumni also landed some sweet hockey opportunities as well such as Connor Cruickshank (Trenton Golden Hawks) a former ACHS camper and staff who also signed an OJHL contract. Former St. Peter’s ACHS student

Reggie Traccitto with the Brampton Beast (ECHL – Farm Team of the Montreal Canadiens) renewed his contract for this upcoming season.

Justin Peca (right) is working his way up the coaching ranks. Jean-Paul Iaboni is at left.

Justin Peca former ACHS teacher/staff (Former Pro-Player, Team Canada and Jr. Coach) also just signed a contract to be the new assistant coach for the Brampton Beast. Justin is also regarded as one of the top developmental coaches for minor players in all of Canada and at present time is preparing the North York Rangers Minor Midget “AAA” hockey team for their upcoming draft year.

“It takes a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance to go this far. I am fortunate that St. Peter’s ACHS College School was there for me.” said Nicholas Aromatario.”They really pushed me and prepared me for what could possibly lay ahead.”

“Attending  ACHS benefited me tremendously and has contributed to my growth as a student athlete. As an ACHS student, I learned the importance of discipline, time management, and independence.” said Myles Cook.

Several weeks ago numerous high calibre minor players from the GTHL came to prepare for their training camps. Matteo Morettin an OHF finalist last year stated “I really love these ACHS camps. I have attended here for the last four years and so have many of my friends. It really prepared me for my team training camp this year. When I got back our coach was really happy with my progress.” (St. Peter’s student Deven Bastien is happy to practice with Matteo Morettin and Joseph Rotilio just two of the elite GTHL hockey players who players who stayed at St. Peter’s ACHS School this past summer.)

St. Peter’s ACHS wraps up third annual ball hockey season



By Ron Giofu


St. Peter’s ACHS College School organized another ball hockey season and crowned its champions.

The finals of the ball hockey season were held Sunday at the Libro Centre with The Green Machine downing the Titans 9-1 in the title game. The Faceoff Kings defeated the Wildcats 6-5 in the third place game with Dylan McLean scoring the overtime winner.

The Green Machine came in first place.

The Green Machine came in first place.

St. Peter’s principal/headmaster Peter Thyrring said it was the third year for his school’s ball hockey season with players being from the school and surrounding communities. There were 44 players and they comprised a pee wee/bantam division.

“We didn’t have enough interest in the younger age groups so we did the older age group,” said Thyrring.

Thyrring added it worked out well as it gave older children a chance to play an activity.

There were 12 regular season games for each of the four teams with two playoff games. The season lasted from April through June.

The Titans were the second place team.

The Titans were the second place team.

“The bulk of the players came from Amherstburg but out of the 44 kids, about 10-12 came from LaSalle,” said Thyrring.

Thyrring said they might have had more players if they had accepted those who are older than Grade 9. As it was, he was amazed by the size of some of the players, joking that many were taller than the parents helping to run the league.

Many parents stepped up to run the league, including those who coached as well as others who supported the league. On rare occasions when he couldn’t be in attendance at games, Thyrring said he had little worries due to the support of the parents.

Most valuable players for each team included McLean, Nolan Kipper, Nick Grimaldi and Aiden Bastien.

The Faceoff Kings came in third.

The Faceoff Kings came in third.

Parent/coach Dave Wharram said the ball hockey league gave youth a chance to stay in shape during the off-season from their respective ice hockey teams. The St. Peter’s ACHS College School league offered a chance for players to get exercise in a controlled environment as well as an opportunity to meet other youth.

Players get to work on their cardiovascular exercise by running on the full rink, Wharram added, and that it promotes team effort among the players.

“Healthy body, healthy mind,” added Thyrring. “You can’t stand still. You have to be moving.”

For more on St. Peter’s ACHS College School, phone 519-736-2014 or visit them at Their e-mail is

Local school hears back from Queen Elizabeth II’s office



By Ron Giofu


A local school that is writing to world leaders heard back from the first one it sent a letter to.

Students from St. Peter’s ACHS College School wrote Queen Elizabeth II and were thrilled to get a letter back from her Buckingham Palace office. Headmaster Peter Thyrring said they want to start writing top figures in the world and started with the Queen based on her being the constitutional monarch to Canada as well as the fact she just turned 91-years-old.

“When we wrote to Queen Elizabeth II, it was extraordinary because I don’t know anyone else that was doing it,” said student J.T. Langlois. “We’re still in the Commonwealth and she’s Queen of that.”

Students from St. Peter's ACHS College School show material they received back from Queen Elizabeth II's office.

Students from St. Peter’s ACHS College School show material they received back from Queen Elizabeth II’s office.

“It’s very cool to write to the Monarch,” said Deven Bastien. “It’s like writing to Donald Trump if they think he’s important.”

“Her writing back to us was very important,” added Timothy Langlois. “Once she’s gone, she’s gone. She’s of major importance. To get a letter back from her office was amazing.”

Kaden Campbell stated that Queen Elizabeth II has an extensive background including her training as a driver and mechanic during World War II.

“The amazing thing is not just anyone can say they got a letter from Queen Elizabeth II and show it,” said Campbell. “We can.”

Queen Elizabeth II is currently the longest-reigning Monarch in the world.