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Weekly girls hockey clinic to run Wednesdays starting July 26


By Ron Giofu

A girls hockey summer training program is returning to the Libro Centre.

Bill Atkinson is the director of the female power skating and hockey clinic and Dan Pettypiece is the co-director. It starts July 26 and runs for six weeks for ages 6-15.

“We actually started the program last summer recognizing there was a need for strictly girls hockey programs in the area,” said Pettypiece. “We had one group last year ranging in age 5 to 15 which presented some challenges with the different skill levels all being on the ice at once.”

Pettypiece noted the program was sold out and it had a waiting list.

“This year we decided to offer two age groups (6-10 and 11-15). Bill worked approximately15 years for me back in the old Tri-Com Hockey School days and after several years away from the business he decided to jump back in. One of the motivating factors for him was the fact that he now has three girls playing hockey and he enjoys being a part of their hockey experience. He is very passionate about teaching the skills especially skating.”

Pettypiece said they have always been on the same page in that regards. He stated Atkinson has been coaching and teaching the game for over 20 years. As for Pettypiece, he said he has never ever been able to leave the game that has meant so much to him.

“I have been coaching and running hockey programs for 40 years now and I still have the same passion as when I started,” said Pettypiece.

The weekly sessions will include a focus on power skating but they will also work on hockey skills each 90-minute session.

Some of the other instructors will be Taylor Conte from the University of Windsor Lancers, Carson Clarke Bartolo and Allison Langille from the Windsor Wildcat midget travel team. It will also feature goalie instructor Jason Dion. The fee is $140.

“One of our main philosophies in teaching skating and hockey skills is emphasizing proper techniques, with drill progression and correcting bad habits,” said Pettypiece. “Too many programs seem to just run drills and have lots of gadgets on the ice but there is not a lot of teaching and correcting which prohibits skill development. We try to slow them down and break the skills down into smaller parts. Otherwise you are not doing your job which is to improve their skill level.”

There are 40 girls registered and they have up to 20 spots available. Contact Bill Atkinson at to register.

“We are looking forward to getting back on the ice and working with the girls,” said Pettypiece.

The clinics run each Wednesday from 6-7:20 p.m. and 7:30-8:50 p.m.

St. Peter’s ACHS wraps up third annual ball hockey season



By Ron Giofu


St. Peter’s ACHS College School organized another ball hockey season and crowned its champions.

The finals of the ball hockey season were held Sunday at the Libro Centre with The Green Machine downing the Titans 9-1 in the title game. The Faceoff Kings defeated the Wildcats 6-5 in the third place game with Dylan McLean scoring the overtime winner.

The Green Machine came in first place.

The Green Machine came in first place.

St. Peter’s principal/headmaster Peter Thyrring said it was the third year for his school’s ball hockey season with players being from the school and surrounding communities. There were 44 players and they comprised a pee wee/bantam division.

“We didn’t have enough interest in the younger age groups so we did the older age group,” said Thyrring.

Thyrring added it worked out well as it gave older children a chance to play an activity.

There were 12 regular season games for each of the four teams with two playoff games. The season lasted from April through June.

The Titans were the second place team.

The Titans were the second place team.

“The bulk of the players came from Amherstburg but out of the 44 kids, about 10-12 came from LaSalle,” said Thyrring.

Thyrring said they might have had more players if they had accepted those who are older than Grade 9. As it was, he was amazed by the size of some of the players, joking that many were taller than the parents helping to run the league.

Many parents stepped up to run the league, including those who coached as well as others who supported the league. On rare occasions when he couldn’t be in attendance at games, Thyrring said he had little worries due to the support of the parents.

Most valuable players for each team included McLean, Nolan Kipper, Nick Grimaldi and Aiden Bastien.

The Faceoff Kings came in third.

The Faceoff Kings came in third.

Parent/coach Dave Wharram said the ball hockey league gave youth a chance to stay in shape during the off-season from their respective ice hockey teams. The St. Peter’s ACHS College School league offered a chance for players to get exercise in a controlled environment as well as an opportunity to meet other youth.

Players get to work on their cardiovascular exercise by running on the full rink, Wharram added, and that it promotes team effort among the players.

“Healthy body, healthy mind,” added Thyrring. “You can’t stand still. You have to be moving.”

For more on St. Peter’s ACHS College School, phone 519-736-2014 or visit them at Their e-mail is

Essex Powerlines looking for community feedback

By Jolene Perron

Essex Powerlines representatives visited Amherstburg to get feedback on their 2018 Residential, Small Business & Commercial/Industrial Customer Consultation Workbook.

Director of corporate study Kris Taylor said they were looking for feedback from customers in their four shareholder communities – Amherstburg, LaSalle, Leamington and Tecumseh – on their recently launched investment and spending plan, as well as feedback on customer satisfaction.

Our goal here is to be customer-centric,” Taylor said. “We want to hear what the customers are saying, but we also want to be mindful of rates at the same time so we want to ensure reliability, we want to ensure reasonable rates, which are rates in line with inflation.”

Kris Taylor, director of corporate study, speaks with an Essex Powerlines customer about their concerns at an open house at the Libro Centre.

Kris Taylor, director of corporate study, speaks with an Essex Powerlines customer about their concerns at an open house at the Libro Centre.

Taylor explained the feedback thus far has been as anticipated – the cost of electricity is high in the province of Ontario. Additionally, they are hearing reliability is a concern and Taylor said they aim to ensure their customers don’t have to be out of power. He said it’s a balancing act and their goal is to maintain its balance.
“The best we possibly can do is to hold the line on rates as much as possible, and to do what we can from an infrastructure standpoint to build a reliable system,” said Taylor. “I will preach the message of conservation. Whatever you can do to reduce your usage has bottom line impacts on your bill. Everything that you can do to conserve energy is money back in your pocket at the end of the day, and there are all kinds of programs available through companies like Essex Powerlines or Hydro One, or your local utility provider that can help with those initiatives as well.”

For more information or to give feedback, you can visit or call their local hotline at (519) 946-2001.

Meloche Road reconstruction to begin June 5


The reconstruction of Meloche Road from Alma St. to Lowes Side Road gets underway Monday.

The $4 million project project – with nearly $2 million covered by an Ontario grant – includes bike lanes, a storm sewer and a multi-use trail in addition to a new road surface for drivers.

The town is reminding residents that during construction, traffic disruptions may occur and some delays may be experienced. Drivers are asked to please slow down, obey all traffic signage, and watch for flag persons in the construction zone.

Meloche Road closureWEB

The town is also requesting that residents take an alternate route while the Meloche Road reconstruction project is ongoing, if possible.

The town has constructed a temporary entrance to the Libro Centre off of Simcoe St., just east of the Meloche Road intersection, for use when the road is shut down.

Work on the Meloche Road reconstruction project will be ongoing through to November 2017.

Meloche Road project to get underway soon



By Ron Giofu


Motorists heading to the Libro Centre will soon not have to worry about avoiding chewed up sections of Meloche Road.

Town council approved the tender at their meeting last Tuesday night with J&J Lepera awarded the contract for their bid of $3,929,700, plus HST. According to a report from manager of engineering Todd Hewitt, the total budget for the project is over $4.3 million.

The town received nearly $2 million in an Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) grant. The town’s breakdown of the funding for the project sees $500,000 coming from the 2017 gas tax allocation, $1.3 million from a development charge supported debenture over 20 years and a tax rate supported debenture of nearly $311,500.

There will also be $201,960 coming from the County of Essex, as the county pays 40 per cent portion of paved pathways under the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) program.

The Meloche Road project should get underway in early to mid-June.

The Meloche Road project should get underway in early to mid-June.

Hewitt told town council that the tender process was delayed slightly due to the town having to work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regarding the possibility of there being species at risk.

Despite that delay, the project is still on schedule. Hewitt said the project has to be done by Oct. 31 due to conditions of the grant and that will schedule will be adhered to.

“We’re right on track,” said Hewitt.

The town constructed a temporary entrance off of Simcoe St. to the Libro Centre last year, and that will allow construction crews to complete their work on Meloche Road and give Libro Centre patrons access to the facility at the same time.

Not only will there be a new road surface from Alma St. to Lowes Side Road, there will also be other amenities including bike lanes and a multi-use trail. There will also be a storm sewer installed at the corner of Meloche Road and Simcoe St. to accommodate the Meadowview subdivision to be built northwest of that intersection.
A start date for the project has not yet been finalized, but work could commence in early to mid-June.