Simone believes work and volunteer experience could help her on council



By Ron Giofu


Patricia (Pat) Simone believes her experience in her professional life and her volunteer life will assist her if elected as a councillor Oct. 22.

Simone has filed to run for town council and wants to contribute further to her home community, a community she has called home for almost 30 years.

“I just want to give back to the community that has given so much to me,” she said. “I want to be their voice on council.”

Simone is a graduate of Stella Maris Elementary School and St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School and attended Fanshawe College where she received her law clerk diploma before returning to Amherstburg to study at the University of Windsor where she graduated with a B.A. Honours Political Science and Communications Studies. She also attended George Washington University where she received a Program of Applied Politics Certificate.
Simone currently works at the University of Windsor Cross-Border Institute as a business development research coordinator.

“I know from their perspective what they are looking for,” she said, of the business community as she works with small and medium sized enterprises. She believes she understands what businesses need and what would bring them to Amherstburg to stay.

Patricia (Pat) Simone is seeking a councillor’s position in the Oct. 22
municipal election.

Simone has volunteered with the Essex County International Women’s Day committee, the Council of Women for Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor (WEST), the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival and the Verdi Club. She is also currently a member of the Amherstburg Police Services Board (APSB).

Having “positive conversations” about the community is one of Simone’s objectives as she believes that will help bring people together towards common goals. Encouraging and facilitating positive conversations would produce measurable results, she believes.

“We have a great town but I think there are always improvements that can be made to make Amherstburg better,” said Simone. “I know that working together, Amherstburg can thrive and flourish.”

Simone said her platform will come out soon and she said she is looking forward to learning what the residents want and need. She believes she is known for her hard work and dedication to public causes.

“I’m very excited to start going door-to-door and meeting the people in the Town of Amherstburg, listening to what they have to say and hearing what they need,” she said, adding she looks forward to visiting with as many residents as she can to hear their ideas and concerns for what can Amherstburg better.

If elected, Simone said she wants to make informed decisions with those decisions being “based on what the taxpayers want.”

Simone spoke at the June 26 OCPC public hearings, acknowledging her views don’t reflect whatever committees she sits on. Her concerns raised that night to the OCPC included the ongoing personnel complaints that agency is investigating about Windsor police, whether the OPP could also provide an adequate and effective force, the Windsor police’s business plan. Simone said last week she can’t go into any specifics due to her role on the APSB and JPAC committee but she called the Amherstburg Police Service “great,” adding “I think we should stay with the force we already have.”

Simone said she can bring a “fresh perspective” to town council, in part due to her professional and volunteer background, and she added that she demonstrated her ability to work as a member of a team by listening to other people’s perspectives. Other goals, if elected, would be to show up to meetings and ensuring residents have all the information they need before council makes decisions.


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