Road work coming to Concession 5



By Ron Giofu


The town has awarded a tender for over $222,000 in order to complete road work on in the rural areas of town.

The project is under the town’s 2018 surface treatment program with Shepley Road Maintenance Limited being awarded the tender, which came in at $222,198.75 plus HST.

Two areas of Concession 5 South will get treatment, including the stretch from County Road 20 to South Side Road and from Alma St. to County Road 18. Concession 5 North will receive treatment from County Road 10 (Middle Side Road) to 250 metres north.

“In addition, this tender included an item for applying a surface treatment to sections of asphalt roads as a form of crack sealing. The application will be one metre (three feet) wide and will be utilized on areas where the traditional crack sealing method is not practical,” stated a report from manager of roads and fleet Eric Chamberlain. “The amount of spray patch will be 1 metre wide and 10,000 metres (10 km) long.”

Councillor Rick Fryer wanted confirmation that town council could approve such a project as they are in a lame duck period. He asked administration if they could give their OK to the report since it was already included in the 2018 budget.

“That is correct,” responded CAO John Miceli.

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