Road resurfacing more costly than anticipated


By Karen Fallon

Tenders for resurfacing the 6th Concession North from County Rd 8 to County Road 10 came in higher than expected at the June 25 council meeting.

According to a report from Lou Zarlenga, director of public works and infrastructure,  Coco Paving came in at $989,342 plus $17,413 HST, while the second tender Mill-Am was $1,022,800 plus tax.

The estimate for the project was pegged at $950,000 plus HST.

When the engineering costs are added to the mix it leaves a budget shortfall of $246,755 from money targeted for the project in the 2012 budget.

At the time of budget deliberations, notes Zarlenga, the road resurfacing cost was based on a similar project which involved resurfacing the 3rd Concession North from County Road 8 to County Road 10 as both roads are similar in scope.

The tender came in considerably higher than we expected, says Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland.

Zarlenga says the two options before council to meet the shortfall are to either utilize the gas tax reserves or modify the asphalt depth by 10 mm (half an inch.)

The project, explained Zarlenga, generally consists of pulverizing and relaying the existing asphalt pavement, overlaying the relayed surface with a new 100 millimeter thick surface asphalt layer for the approximate 5 kilometer pavement length. Granular shouldering will also be required, he added.

According to the town’s engineer,  Zarlenga said, reducing the asphalt on the road won’t affect its integrity.

The norm for road surfacing is two inches of base and an inch and a half of topping.

However, notes Zarlenga, over the past few years the town has been putting in two inches of topping on the roads.

Council agreed with the recommendation to award the contract to Coco Paving pending the pre-approval of funds in the 2013 capital budget.

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