Road projects coming to Amherstburg, one scheduled for early release



By Ron Giofu


The County of Essex has taken a look at its road projects scheduled for 2019 with some of the money needed being approved for early release.

Of the projects proposed for this year, four will impact county roadways either in or bordering on Amherstburg. One of those projects, pavement rehabilitation on County Road 20 between Howard Ave. (County Road 9) and County Road 50, was approved by county council for early release. The estimate on that project is $450,000.

Three other projects are on the schedule for 2019, though are not expected to be approved by county council until its budget deliberations. County council is scheduled to start discussing its 2019 budget later this month.

Essex County council has approved some of its 2019 road projects for early release. One of the projects approved prior to budget was pavement rehabilitation on County Road 20 between Howard Ave. (County Road 9) and County Road 50.

Other projects proposed for Amherstburg are repairing structural deterioration to the bridge at Big Creek on County Road 20 and a pair of culvert repairs – one on Malden Road (County Road 3) and another on Walker Road (County Road 11). The respective estimates for those projects are $60,000, $60,000 and $50,000.

There will likely be numerous repairs and upgrades to shoulders, existing paved roadways, culverts, guiderails, pedestrian crosswalks and signals at various locations around Essex County.

“The 2019 rehabilitation program has been developed with a level of expenditure of $11,770,250. The Annual Program, as well as the five-year rehabilitation program, supports the principles and objectives established in the Corporation’s Asset Management Plan,” stated Jane Mustac, the county’s manager of infrastructure services/engineer.

Mustac noted the total list of projects proposed for 2019 includes four preservation projects, two bridge rehabilitations, two bridge engineering assignments, two culvert rehabilitation/replacements, four culvert engineering assignments and 22 road rehabilitations.

The approved early release projects total an estimated $4.35 million.


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