Notices of motion shot down by town council


Town Logo Small-webBy Ron Giofu


A pair of notices of motion were shot down at the most recent meeting of town council.

Councillor Diane Pouget introduced her notice of motion as a regular motion with that motion calling for the town to suspend conference remuneration for council members in 2014. Only Pouget and Councillor Bart DiPasquale supported the motion with Mayor Wayne Hurst, Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland and councillors Carolyn Davies, Bob Pillon, and John Sutton opposing.

Pouget stated her motion did not preclude council members from attending conferences in 2014, but rather they could pay for it themselves including out of the individual council members’ stipends. She also believed a lot of information gained at such conferences could be accessed online.

Davies believed the town “gets value” for council members attending conferences as council members that attend get access to important information.

“You are overwhelmed with knowledge that moves the town forward,” said Davies.

“This is an investment to gain knowledge, build working relationships and engage federal and provincial ministers,” added Sutton.

The other notice of motion that was introduced as a regular motion came from DiPasquale, who called for the town to “adopt in principle the concept of a 0% increase for the municipal budget of 2014, and exclude education and public levies from this plan.”

That motion was not debated as Hurst noted he contacted solicitor Tom Porter on the issue. Hurst said it was determined that would be a reconsideration of a failed motion from Nov. 18 that had called for five percent decreases in departmental budgets. Hurst added “the motion should not be deliberated on by council.”

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