Internet speed survey shows unsatisfactory results, town looking at other measures



By Ron Giofu


The results from the town’s Internet study are in and it shows the residents of Amherstburg are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with their service.

According to a report written by acting information technology manager Nick Renaud, “administration has recently received over 140 submissions from the community through an online survey aimed to gather more data on actual internet speeds in Amherstburg. Only four per cent of respondents reported speeds that exceeded the CRTC’s 2016 minimum download speed of 50 Mbps and only 28 per cent reported speeds that exceed the CRTC’s 2011 target speed of 5 Mbps. This means that 96 per cent of respondents fell below the 2016 expectations for ‘basic telecom service’ and 72 per cent fell below the 2011 target.”

Town hall

CAO John Miceli said the town is trying to be proactive in dealing with the matter, suggesting the town could eventually try and create a fiber optic system of its own should it be successful in obtaining grant funding. While there are a pair of new services that are utilizing the water tower as a way to deliver Internet services, Miceli believes fibre optic is the way to go.

The services using the water tower impact a portion, but not all of the town, Miceli states and the town is looking for a community-wide solution. The hope is that a provider will step up and bring in better services but the town is seeking $2 million in grant funding with the possibility of going at it alone if need be.

Miceli said administration has a business case to bring to council should the grant be successful.

“We have taken all the necessary steps to be our own Internet provider,” he said.

The town undertook the survey due to a lack of response from the larger Internet companies, with the administrative report stating “the large Internet service providers were reluctant to share the information with administration” as to the options that are available in and around Amherstburg.

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