Hobbs lawsuit continuing against town



The lawsuit filed by Graham Hobbs against the town of Amherstburg is continuing despite the fact Hobbs has since passed away.

Hobbs was banned for one year from town hall and all other town property following an alleged incident at the Amherstburg Municipal Building Nov. 20, 2015. He subsequently filed the $100,000 lawsuit against the municipality.

Hobbs’ lawyer Anthony Leardi pressed the town for more information on why the banishment occurred, telling the RTT in Nov. 2015 that Hobbs “has never before had a problem with anyone at town hall nor has anyone had a problem with him. Receiving this notice, without any contact from anyone at town hall, took him completely by surprise. You’d think if people had a problem with Graham, they would talk to him and tell him there is a problem. Graham is attentive and willing to listen.”

Town hall sign

In that same article, CAO John Miceli said he acted on a complaint he received from a staff member. Miceli added the decision was made based on the town’s health and safety policy regarding to workplace harassment and didn’t feel it was fair to Hobbs or the complainant to divulge any further information publicly.

The River Town Times e-mailed both Leardi and Miceli last week to try and get an update with Miceli replying that a new date of July 17 has been set to continue the trial.

Hobbs died Jan. 2 at the age of 76.

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