Gordon House to undergo repairs

By Karen Fallon

Council pre-approved the removal and reconstruction of the existing wood porch at the Gordon House at a recent meeting.

Councilor John Sutton says it is a “no brainer” when it comes to safety and having to take care of the structure.

“Rick (Daly) are we going to take some care with the construction material to ensure that it reflects the heritage nature of that building?” said Sutton.

Daly responded by saying that there is a “opportunity” to ensure the materials that are used “go with the building.”

The design and construction drawings will be provided by an Architect and the cost is to be included in the budget.

The re-construction of the porch will begin in Mid-January weather permitting.

According to a report by Tony DeThomasis, manager of parks and facilities operations, the wood porch at the Gordon House has experienced significant deterioration.

Because of this the town’s chief building official, Steve Brown, has advised administration that the current state of the porch poses a liability and is in violation of the Ontario Building Code.


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