Good turn out for Amherstburg’s first walk against Autism

By Joel Charron

Roughly 40 Amherstburg residents gathered at Toddy Jones. Park Sunday morning to walk against Autism.

“We just want to raise Autism awareness in our community,” organizer Vanessa Harris. “There are children who are diagnosed with Autism every year.”

Vanessa, along with husband Nathan decided to organize a walk against Autism because they felt not enough was being done in the area to help raise money.

The Harris’s son Ethan, seven, was diagnosed with Autism when he was three-years-old.

Roughly 40 people attend the Autism Walk-A-Thon Sunday morning. Organizers Vanessa and Nathan Harris hope to build on the walk next year in hope of eventually bring Autism Speaks to the region.

Vanessa and Nathan said they planned on travelling to London to take part in Autism Speaks’ main walk that same Sunday, however the organizer of that walk told the young couple that they could organize their own walk in hope of bringing the organization to the region in the future.

“We want to encourage Autism Speak to come to Windsor by doing events like this and generating a little bit of revenue,” said Vanessa.

Vanessa said she was very pleased with how many people turned out for the walk, stating that she only told family and friends and created an event through Facebook.

“I really can’t believe how many people actually showed up,” she said.

Vanessa added that she would have been happy raising just $300, however with the amount of people that showed up she said they raised above and beyond their $300 goal.

“I thought it was going to be me and a couple friend so 300 was a good number,” she joked.

Vanessa said it’s been a busy year for her family, which is why she was only able to organize a small walk, however next year she and Nathan hope to plan something a lot bigger.

“Next year we want to do something bigger, something that will attract a lot more people and raise more money,” said Vanessa.

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