Fibre to the home project ahead of schedule, says Bell rep



By Ron Giofu


Town council received an update on Bell’s fibre to the home project Monday night and the news was that everything is good so far.

Senior manager of network provisioning Darin Meek noted the project got started in July and some areas of the town have been completed. The target date is June 30, 2020.

Meek said it is a matter of “rebuilding all of our infrastructure” as the fibre optic cables have to be laid.

“We have to place all of our cables in every area,” said Meek.

They work with about five other contractors in various aspects of the project, including burying cables, stringing them along hydro poles and even restoring lawns. The areas they have hit thus far were done because they are the “low hanging fruit” and that they were the places where Bell could roll out the plan the quickest.

“We’ve received incredible co-operation from the Town of Amherstburg and the residents,” said Meek.

Bell is also moving ahead with similar projects in LaSalle and Windsor, Meek added, with Tecumseh next on the radar.

Councillor Rick Fryer said he has seen the workers and from what he has heard from residents now with fibre internet, things are going well. He said the workers are courteous, clean and professional and that “they’ve gone above and beyond.”

Fryer said the town is open for business and this initiative will help.

“We are going to be cutting edge with technology and speeds and that will help get businesses to come here,” he said.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo said it has been a pleasure to work with Bell officials, noting he has been able to reach them and they have in turn contacted him about matters.

“As mayor, I’ve been genuinely impressed with the relationship they have brought to the table,” said DiCarlo. “I’ve communicated with Bell at every level and I’ve got to say they’ve reached out to me and it’s not just me reaching out to them.”

Residents are pleased, he added, noting he has been tagged on social media by happy homeowners who have now been connected. He also noted that Bell has to lay all new infrastructure, but are doing so much faster than what the town would have done had the town gone on its own.

While the town has to have resources available in case of issues, that is the only contribution the town has to make, DiCarlo added.

“It’s not costing us,” the mayor said. “Bell is paying.”

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