Dr. Frank Lovell set to retire after 35 years as A’burg dentist

By Joel Charron

When Dr. Frank Lovell first started dentistry in 1976 he was the new young dentist in town.

Now after 35 years Lovell is the oldest dentist in town and is ready to hang up his white jacket and enjoy life on his terms.

“It’s time,” said Lovell. “I want to be young enough to enjoy my retirement.”

In his 35 years in the field, Lovell said this has been the only place that he has worked.  He began his career, joining forces with Dr. Eugene Paquette and Dr. Peter Neilson, their office use to be where the Bell building now stands.  In 1994 Lovell moved to his current location.

Having worked in Amherstburg all his life, it was important to Lovell to create a family atmosphere for his staff and patients in his office.

After 35 years Dr. Frank Lovell is taking some time for himself and his family. He said he is leaving the office in very capable hands. In photo (L to R) Dr. Sean Sinasac, Dr. Frank Lovell, Dr. Corey Prince.

“I wanted people to walk into the office and feel relaxed,” said Lovell. “I wanted them to recognize the faces in the office every time they came here.”

There is very little turnover in Lovell’s office, his receptionist/assistant Anne Deneau has been with him for 30 years, his assistant Karen LeBute for 27 years and his friend and colleague Dr. Corey Prince for 17 years.

Lovell’s Windsor colleagues said that they are amazed at how he has managed to keep his staff intact for so many years, as their staff gets turned over on a regular basis.

“Our staff never changes. We’re like a family here,” said Lovell.

Lovell has become such a fixture in the office, that when he told his patients about his retirement, they all asked ‘what’s going to happen here?’

“I just tell them that I’m the only one who is leaving, everything else will stay the same,” he said.

Lovell said one of the best aspects of being a dentist in a small town like Amherstburg is that you get to know everybody.

“It’s the people that make this job fun. You know everybody and everybody knows you,” said Lovell.

A simple 15-minute trip to Wal-Mart or the bank can turn into an hour and a half journey.

Lovell has seen a lot of changes in dentistry over the years, one in particular is the materials they use. Lovell said today’s materials are much better and help make dentists more efficient.

How does Lovell’s wife Penny feel about his retirement?

“I’m going to get a full time job,” she laughed. “It’s definitely time. It will be nice to have him around.”

Although Lovell and Penny are happy and ready for his retirement, his staff will miss him dearly.

“It’s sad, I’m definitely going to miss him,” said Prince. “We have been together for 17 years, so we are used to each other. But I’m very happy for Frank, he deserves it.”

Deneau shares the same feeling.

“I’m going to miss him,” said Deneau. “Dr. Prince and Dr. Sinasac are a nice fit but it’s going to be hard not having him with us everyday.”

For Dr. Sean Sinasac, he is not only saying goodbye to a colleague but a mentor as well.

“Frank has been a great mentor to me,” said Dr. Sean Sinasac. “Whether he liked it our not he took me under his wing and taught me the ins and outs. He has showed me a lot of stuff that you just don’t pick up in other places. He has been a great guy to work with.”

Lovell said he plans on using his boat a lot more this summer, as well as, doing some fishing. He also added that he and Penny would also be spending more of the winter in Florida.

“I’m going to do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want,” joked Lovell.

Lovell’s official last day of work is Friday, June 3.

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  1. Frank and Penny are a joy to be around. We have never met anyone more pleasant. We congratulate both Penny and Frank and hope to spend many good times with them down in Florida at Schooner Bay Condo’s North Fort Myers. These two lovely people are friends and the kind of wonderful people we can laugh heartily with, we send our love and very best wishes for a long retirement and for Penny this is the best gamble ever.