Culture Days comes to Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Culture Days came to Amherstburg on the weekend with rock painting, live performances, tai chi, walking tours and other celebrations of local culture.

The two-day event was centred around Navy Yard Park. Mayor Aldo DiCarlo believed it was a great event, noting that he experienced “pretty steady” crowds.

“I think when people think of Amherstburg, they think of our history and culture,” said DiCarlo.

Elizabeth MacDonald was one of the plein air painters during Saturday’s portion of Culture Days.

As many municipalities held their own Culture Days events and Amherstburg “fits right in perfectly” with them.

One of the events last Saturday was “Ice Cream with a Cop,” an event which saw members of the Windsor Police Service and Amherstburg Police Service on hand giving out ice cream vouchers. Also on hand was a police cruiser with two different designs on them – one featuring the Amherstburg police design with the soldiers on the side with “Amherstburg Detachment” and a Windsor police badge while the other was a more Windsor-centric design with “Amherstburg Detachment” on it.

The mayor said one design had a clear advantage.

“From the people I talked to, the Amherstburg cars (with the soldiers) are a no-brainer,” said DiCarlo. “I like that we are a community that always presents options so we had two options.”

Emily Feng paints a rock for the “Amherstburg Rocks” initiative (top left) while historian Robert Honor conducts a walking tour.

DiCarlo did remark that a youth didn’t like that design that it was too intimidating for him, but for the most part the Amherstburg-themed design was the most popular.

“So far, (the public) has said that’s the the side they like,” said DiCarlo. “No surprises there.”

The town announced via press release Tuesday morning that the option with the soldiers on the side, similar to the current Amherstburg police cruisers, was the one that was chosen. More details will be provided in next week’s issue.

Elizabeth MacDonald and her plein air artist group were also part of Culture Days.

Historian Robert Honor (right) conducts a walking tour of the downtown core Sunday morning.

“We come down here to Amherstburg to paint a lot,” she said, noting they also travel to other Essex County municipalities.

MacDonald noted they were invited by the town for the event but indicated they were happy to come.

“We love (Navy Yard) Park,” she said. “There’s so much to paint here. The people in town are great too.”


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