Courtney presses for more information on Amherstburg Community Foundation’s fundraising method



By Ron Giofu


Councillor Joan Courtney wanted more information on how the Crown Park Corporation is proceeding with fundraising for Belle Vue and brought her motion to council.

Courtney’s motion asked for the Crown Park Corporation’s progress to date, noting the firm was hired at a cost of $12,000, and the motion also asked the Amherstburg Community Foundation (ACF) to provide council with information pertaining to how the Crown Park Corporation was selected.

CAO John Miceli noted the goal of the foundation is to raise money for the Town of Amherstburg and that it consists of the mayor, deputy mayor, treasurer and manager of recreation services.

“There is no direct connection between the Belle Vue Conservancy and the Amherstburg Community Foundation,” said Miceli.

Of the ACF, Miceli added “it was established under a separate article of corporation and it does not report to council.”

Courtney said she still wanted to know what the $12,000 was used for and how the corporation was selected. Miceli said the ACF’s funds were used to try and raise more money through the foundation. Some donate with a specific purpose in mind while others will simply donate to the foundation in general. The report generated by the Crown Park Corporation will “provide for a much more robust foundation,” Miceli suggested, adding the foundation could look vastly different if recommendations are implemented. Projects that are currently funded through tax dollars could be funded through the foundation if a more robust foundation is established, Miceli further suggested.

The CAO added that if council wants more information from the ACF, he will go get it.

“If council wants me to approach them, I will,” he said.


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