Two arrested after Saturday morning crash

The Amherstburg Police Service responded to a single vehicle collision on Essex County Road 20, east of Essex County Road 9, Saturday around 8 a.m. that involved a silver Chrysler Aspen.

The vehicle was located by a passing motorist and there were no individuals with the vehicle.

Police began checking the surrounding area for anyone who may have been involved in the collision. Police say they subsequently located two individuals walking in the 9600 block of Concession 9 Road South and it was determined that the two individuals were involved with the collision.

Amherstburg police add that while speaking with the individuals, police received information that the vehicle had recently been reported stolen from Leamington. The two individuals were arrested and transported to the Ontario Provincial Police in Leamington.

As the theft occurred in their jurisdiction, the Ontario Provincial Police Leamington detachment is handling the investigation.

If anyone may have information relevant to the investigation, you are encouraged to contact Leamington OPP, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or online at

(NOTE: This is an updated version to what was published in the Sept. 20 print issue.)

Three Windsor residents charged after thefts from Amherstburg stores


Amherstburg police were called to the area of Canadian Tire on Sandwich St. South for a report of a male allegedly stealing items from the store.

The male had left the store in a vehicle and headed toward the Walmart store nearby, police say.

Police responded and located the vehicle at Walmart along with three individuals. According to the Amherstburg Police Service, several stolen items were located with the individuals and all three were arrested. Amherstburg police laid charges against all three individuals.

A 44-year-old Windsor female was charged with possession of property obtained by crime while a 28-year-old Windsor male faces charges of theft under $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime and two counts of breach of probation.

A 32-year-old Windsor male has also been charged with breach of probation and possession of property obtained by crime.

The matter was reported to Amherstburg police around 5:20 p.m. last Saturday.

If anyone may have information relevant to the investigation, you are encouraged to contact police at 519-736-3622, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or online at

(NOTE: This is a more detailed and updated story than the one that appears in the Sept. 20 print issue.)

Mission president captures Vigor International Award



By Ron Giofu


The president of the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission’s board of directors has won another award.

Tim McAllister won the humanitarian award that was presented by Vigor Awards International. According to the organization, the Vigor Awards are “designed to promote generosity, volunteerism and humanitarianism around the world. Our goal is to celebrate, honour and acknowledge individuals who have made a positive impact in the world, whether by improving, encouraging or empowering other people’s lives.”

The ceremony was held Sept. 10 at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor, and included dinner and a limousine ride to the theatre and a red carpet ceremony upon arrival.

“This was the first time I rode in a limo,” said McAllister. “I was kind of blown away.”

McAllister thanked the mission’s board of directors and everyone at the mission who supports him. He also thanked the Vigor Awards International committee for selecting him for the humanitarian award. He outlined his background and how he became involved with the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission, acknowledging his wife Violet and their four sons.

“My life was moving along fine when all of a sudden I was involved in an unfortunate car accident leaving me unable to continue my work. I was forced to retire at a very young age. I had to leave behind many parts of my life that I had grown accustomed to,” said McAllister. “This accident left me feeling very sorry for myself. I did not plan for this accident to occur and I am certain the drunk driver did not plan this either. As time progressed, I stopped looking back at what I missed from the past and started looking to the future where I renewed my relationship with God.”

McAllister started volunteering at the Scout Hall where the need for the mission was first identified. The mission was formed and he worked with founders Andy and Pat Gervais and others to have what is now their current home at 298 Victoria St. S. built.

Tim McAllister, pictured with wife Violet, captured the Vigor International Award in the humanitarian category recently. (Submitted photo)

“Our dreams became a reality when we broke ground on our new building in 2001, which is still in use today,” he said.

McAllister pointed out he has been volunteering with the mission for over 20 years, the last 16 of which having been as president. He emphasized that no one at the mission is paid.

“We are people helping people,” he said.

Vigor Awards president Queen Amina visited the mission when McAllister was nominated and McAllister said “she was amazed to see what we do here.” He noted it is more than just food, as they offer a number of programs and provide clothing and even furniture to those in need.

The awards are prestigious, he added.

“If you make an impact to your community in any part of the world, they check it out,” said McAllister. “People fly in just to get the award. The aim of this is to get other people to do the same thing. It is to get people involved and to help other people.”

McAllister still plans on continuing to help out at the mission.

“I love the community,” he said. “When you love a place, you give it your all.”

“Burlesque: Women’s Expo” presented to rave reviews



By Ron Giofu


A unique women’s expo came to the Columbus Community Hall on Richmond St. with a goal of helping women in their daily lives.

“Burlesque: Women’s Expo” was presented Sunday with over 40 tickets sold. Organizer Justin Boswell presented the event along with his business partner Jaclyn Slaney. It was held Sunday afternoon with several vendors and raffles also on hand for the women-only event.

“The plans are just for empowering women and for them to come out of their comfort zone and do something that they’ve never done,” said Boswell.

Boswell added the hope was that the women would come away from the day more confident in themselves. He said the burlesque routine was developed four years ago and offered as a six-week program at the Catz Meow Dance Education Centre.

“We brought it back today,” said Boswell.

Noting he is a hairdresser, Boswell said he would hear women talk about their business needs and wants and the idea for the expo was hatched. He said many were excited about it but some women were nervous. He explained that the definition of burlesque that he and Slaney wanted to show was simply to build confidence and “own who you are.”

aclyn Slaney and Justin Boswell stand in the photo booth at Sunday’s burlesque expo at the Columbus Community Hall.

“I would love for it to be an annual thing,” he added. “This is just a test.”

Those who attended can find them on Facebook and search “Burlesque Women’s Expo” and leave their feedback on what they like and what they think should be added.

“We really hope people take a lot away from this event and use it to empower themselves in their daily lives,” added Slaney.

Proceeds from the event will benefit The House of Sophrosyne, an all women’s wellness centre in Windsor for those in crisis.

Boswell said the comments were positive after Sunday afternoon’s event.

“Feedback was raving, people were asking us to bring it back next year,” he said. “They didn’t know what to expect when they saw the word ‘burlesque’ and left feeling overjoyed and empowered. Our number one goal was to showcase burlesque in a positive way to inspire women and raise funds for The House of Sophrosyne and we were successful at both.”

Boswell said Monday afternoon that the event will return next year.

“We will be bringing it back bigger and better because of the feedback!” he said.

Amherstburg police launch blitz focusing on accessible parking spots

By Jolene Perron


The Amherstburg Police Service launched a blitz Monday morning focusing on accessible parking spaces within the town and the blitz will last all week.

“We were contacted by the accessibility committee through the town hall in regards to an ongoing issue with people parking in handicap spaces without having the permits,” explained Const. Steve Owen.   “The police service did a one-week blitz last year, we focused on making sure we monitored those people using the spaces and issued bylaw tickets to them if they didn’t have the correct pass. This year we are doing the second annual blitz.”

Owen said officers will be out all week, paying close attention and writing tickets. The current fine for parking in an accessible parking space without a permit is $300.

“To me, they’re there for a reason – for the people who need them. For someone who doesn’t need it to be using that spot, (it) just creates an inconvenience for everybody and everyone gets frustrated when they see that,” explained Owen.

Accessibility committee chair Bill Whittall said they are always out and about in the community looking for ways to make things easier for those with disabilities. As he also has a disability, when he sees someone go into a spot without a permit or a sticker, he knows maybe someone else is cruising around needing that space.


Amherstburg Police Services Constable Steve Owen (left) stands with accessibility committee member Marie Allen, chair Bill Whittall, and member Angela Kelly inside of an accessible parking space outside of town hall to kick off their weeklong blitz, which began Monday.

Accessibility committee Angela Kelly has a daughter who is in a power wheelchair. She said when she purchased an accessible van, she specifically requested one that would allow her to come out of the back of the vehicle because she has always had issues with people parking too close to the side of her car and she had a difficult time getting her daughter in and out of the van.

Kelly said education is key.

“The other issue is, I think there are people who maybe have accessible parking permits but are maybe unaware of how they should be using them,” explained Kelly. “A lot of times I will notice people have the parking permits in the front of their vehicles but the person who it’s likely assigned to remains within the car. I often have to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, move to another location because all of the areas are taken. There are also people who use a relative’s permit and run into the store just because it’s close and quick and they’re only going to be a few minutes so now they are taking up that space that someone who physically needs it is unable to use it.”

The goal of this blitz, Owen said, is to make the public aware that this is an issue, not just to issue tickets to those parked illegally in accessible spots. He added that he wants to make sure the public understands those spots are there for a reason.