Big things on the horizon for Smashed Apple catering



By Ron Giofu


Just because Smashed Apple closed its doors to its restaurant doesn’t mean Bill Deslippe and Patricia Acosta haven’t been busy.

In fact, it’s been the opposite.

Smashed Apple, who won the people’s choice and the critic’s choice awards at the recent United Way Battle of the Hors D’Oerves, has been very busy not only with their catering end of the business but with their other company, Smashed Apple Trade Co. The latter oversees their YouTube channel and other special events, including an Oct. 26 Live Chef Demonstration in which Deslippe will be preparing a four-course meal at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery with every member of the audience being allowed to sample it.

Smashed Apple, which includes owner/chef Bill Deslippe (left), did well at the recent Battle of the Hors’ Doerves in Kingsville.   (Special to the RTT)

“A lot of people are still wondering why we closed the restaurant,” said Deslippe. He noted a shortage of staff made it “a daunting effort” to keep it open as well as the catering end of the business.

As of last week, Smashed Apple Gourmet Catering had catered 55 weddings with festivals and events also being on their schedule.

Acosta noted they try and showcase what Windsor-Essex County has to offer and that includes using local products.

“Essex County has an abundance of awesome products,” said Deslippe.

Smashed Apple is also looking to launch products of their own and using their social media channels such as Instagram to promote them. The YouTube channel sees not only cooking videos uploaded to it, but also videos on trips they take. A video company is coming in to help produce a video at the upcoming Life Chef Demonstration.

They are hoping the YouTube Channel, found by searching “Smashed Apple Trade Co. Kitchen,” will help promote their brand globally. More videos are anticipated to be posted in the winter, though Deslippe and Acosta will be busy with holiday parties, events and the food truck.

“We want to funnel people into the YouTube channel,” said Deslippe. “The YouTube channel will push us into bigger markets.”

Smashed Apple Trade Co. is hosting a Live Chef Demo at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery later this month. Chef Bill Deslippe will be preparing a four-course meal as part of the event.

Deslippe has also been hired as the corporate chef with Highline Mushrooms and will be travelling to Orlando, Florida for them in October. He was also in Grand Rapids, Michigan recently for an event as well, with videos anticipated to come from those types of events.

“We’re all on the same page of pushing Windsor-Essex County to the world,” said Acosta.

Deslippe noted he started Smashed Apple Catering in 2013 with three or four festivals and a handful of weddings. Now, they are booming with regular bookings for events.

“The growth has been crazy,” he said. “The response we’ve been getting for the food we put out and the service we provide has been crazy.”

“It’s a very supportive community,” said Acosta.

Smashed Apple also wants to help people eat healthier and come together as a family, Deslippe added.

“It’s all about healthier lifestyles and families being families,” he said.

For more information, the contact information is , Smashed Apple Trade Co. (which is Youtube and Event site is


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