Amherstburg in “good position” as it relates to police costings: DiCarlo


By Ron Giofu


The mayors of Amherstburg, Windsor and LaSalle met last week to discuss the concept of regional policing with the Amherstburg mayor stating this town is in a “good position” going forward.

Aldo DiCarlo described his meeting last Wednesday with Windsor’s Drew Dilkins and LaSalle’s Ken Antaya as a “hearty discussion” with DiCarlo stating that Windsor will make a policing costing that includes both Amherstburg and LaSalle as well as one that will include only Windsor and Amherstburg.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo

“It was very lively,” said DiCarlo. “We left on good terms.”

Amherstburg is in “a good position,” he continued, as the town will be on the receiving end of proposals and that if they are not suitable for what the town is looking for, the town doesn’t have to accept any of them.

“We will consider all proposals and what is best for our town,” he added.

When proposals do start coming back from Windsor and the OPP, DiCarlo believed it would clearly show whether they meet council’s standards of what they want. He added that Chief Tim Berthiaume as well as the Amherstburg Police Association could be utilized to gather input and analysis of the bids.

“The numbers won’t be as complex as people think,” said DiCarlo.

DiCarlo said the police budget is “cut and dry” and that the current force is a “lean” one.

The main feedback DiCarlo said he has heard is regarding level of service and said residents will get more opportunities at yet-to-be scheduled town hall meetings. The town hall meetings go back to DiCarlo’s “100 Day Plan” that he campaigned on and “by no means have we bailed on that.” He said those meetings would show residents where the town is, where town council wants to go and invite comments.


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