“To reach the heart of a community, you first must reach the hearts of its citizens.”

That’s what the River Town Times strives for in every issue or special product we create and every sponsorship or event we are a part of. We are committed to our community.

For over 20 years, the River Town Times has been reporting on the events, activities and changes within the Town of Amherstburg. We are the witness of events unique to our community, providing insight and vision as we move forward.

Locally owned and operated the River Town Times is the only community newspaper in Amherstburg. For your convenience our offices are located locally in the heart of downtown Amherstburg. Open Monday thru Friday.

We are proud recipients of two Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce Awards: “Business Excellence Award for Entrepreneurship” in 1996, and “Good Neighbour Business Award for dedicated service to the community of Amherstburg” in 2007, and are a major sponsor of the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival.

Our key strength is in our mass reach. We are a large tabloid format (a 15″ page size means more advertising space), mass distributed publication with controlled circulation audited by CMCA. Our paper is published weekly on Wednesdays. With over 40 local carriers, you get your message delivered on time.

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