A’Burg Police and RCMP partnership paying off

By Joel Charron

A new partnership between the Windsor RCMP and the Amherstburg Police Service is paying off with the arrest of a 68-year-old Amherstburg man for drug trafficking.

The RCMP and Amherstburg Police formed the partnership in January of this year in an effort to better share information and resources along the border. As a direct result of the partnership and sharing of information, John R “Jack” Buttons was arrested on Monday, March 7 after the RCMP received a tip that he was in Windsor selling Marijuana in the area of Victoria Public School.

Buttons was found with approximately 365 grams of marijuana and $1,700 in cash.

Buttons is charged with possession of marijuana for purpose of trafficking.

“Those who traffic illicit drugs destroy lives, homes and communities,” said Inspector Alex Mills, officer in charge of the Windsor RCMP Detachment. “Working in partnership, the RCMP remains fully committed to enforcing laws against illicit drugs to their fullest extent.”

Sgt. Peter Koersvelt, the RCMP officer, will be shared between Amherstburg and LaSalle Police Services for a one-year period on a temporary part-time basis. Sgt. Koersvelt will assist both police services, assisting in the department’s criminal investigation branch, working on such cases as drug investigations, human smuggling and cases of that nature.

Amherstburg Police Chief Tim Berthiaume said the partnership is beneficial to Amherstburg.

“It gives us an extra body in our criminal investigation branch,” said Berthiaume.

Berthiaume added that the salaries, overtime and expenses accrued by Sgt. Koersvelt are paid for by the RCMP.

“It will have no effect on our budget but we’ll have somebody working here at our disposal to work on investigations of mutual interest,” said Berthiaume.

The partnership will be evaluated on a quarterly basis. At the end of the one-year period there is an option to extend the partnership further.

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